My 2013

My 2013

Not with a fizzle, but with a BANG

To scare myself, upset my parents and for fun, I added up the cost of my theatre tickets from 2012. The cost of just tickets (shows and talks) came in at £441.50. That’s easily a month of my wages, thus I can deduce I have spent a twelfth of my income on theatre. Not getting into London, the eating and the programmes, just the tickets. The other stuff can easily come to £1,000. Sorry Mummy and Daddy but this is my life and I like it. £1,500 could have gone on drugs and cigarettes so put that in your pipe and smoke it because I didn’t.

I’ve learnt a lot from 2012:

– Despite the beauty and poetry in Shakespeare’s words, it is possible to really fuck it up.
– If you’re characters are middle class, drunk and dysfunctional, you’ve got an award winner.
– Originality is not celebrated as much as old favourites, famous faces and stories we already know.
– The key to getting into theatre is luck, happy accidents and knowing the right people.

My original goal for 2012 was to build my CV. I am doing that. I have a fancier title at work, Senior Bookseller (or as I like to think about it Senor Bookseller, the temptation to go into work with a moustache and poncho is unbearable). And I have begun a Business and Administration course; I’m hoping this will help get me an entry position in a production company or theatre. As many, many, many people have told me throughout 2012, “I knew someone back from when I worked at X”. Clearly, I need to get into X and be as charming and memorable as hell.

New goals for 2013: finish a full length play/TV series/film and pay off all my debts. I am fully aware I could do this a lot quicker if I hadn’t been to so much theatre but sod that. I am becoming painfully aware that 2013 might have to involve a move. I love my home county of Essex, all my family and friends are here but it is not known for its theatre. There is nowhere to go artistically. You could argue that I should try and solve the problem rather than run away but I don’t have the knowledge to do that quite yet. I’m going to explore some of the local theatre companies and writing groups to see how they are doing and if they feel as hopeless as me. Or, maybe I should stop living in a fantasy world and write a musical based on ‘Top Gun’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Ka-ching.

Actually, that ain’t a bad idea, copyright. COPYRIGHT!!

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