16 Year Old Me

16 Year Old Me

Inspired by the New Year and lack of the end of the world, my parents ventured into the attic for a long overdue ‘sort out’. As well as finding embarrassing baby photos, first shoes and bridesmaids dresses, we found my Nation Record of Achievement. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a massive folder (or in this case two) of your achievements. Mine is an eclectic collection of swimming, karate and trampolining certificates, and all the certificates I ever got from school. I really mean ever. “Mighty Maths Award presented to Charlotte Hay for excellent mental maths results, 23rd April 1999.” But it’s my Individual Action Plan that I want to share with you.


This is 16 year old me:

“I would like to achieve the best I am able to receive. After my GCSEs I would like to stay at Bromfords and continue at Sixth Form. I would like to study Performance Studies, Media Studies and English Literature and Language. I wish to go to a university and study Performance further, as I hope to become a Drama teacher.”


Couple of things, I did do bloody well in my GCSEs, a dizzying height my siblings haven’t quite achieved (maniacal laugh). I didn’t study English (which I now regret). I studied Maths (??!!) and Sociology instead (my only A). But I did go to a university and studied Drama but I lost my vision to become a Drama teacher.


At university, I was introduced to a thousand and one jobs in the theatre and to be blunt, I got lost. Suddenly, I wanted to a writer, a director, a producer, I wanted to be in marketing, I wanted to review. One of those dreams still remains but the old one still lives strong. In the ‘gap year’ between sixth form and university, I worked two jobs to pay for my degree, which I was getting to become a teacher, and I helped out in drama department of my secondary school. I put so much effort into volunteering and gain experience in teaching. It’s all gone to waste. Or has it? I’m thinking of going back to the classroom.

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