Canned Laughter Supplier

Canned Laughter Supplier

As Seen On TV

As I have said many times, theatre ticket prices are on the rise and there are more and more unavoidable charges, such as the new ‘restoration levy’. The theatre is asking for more money but the government is taking more away. Despite the rise during the Olympics, what goes up must come down and I fear this might not be ticket prices, but audience numbers. There’s something special about live entertainment and the shared experience of being an audience member, I’d like to suggest an alternative: television.

I don’t mean staying at home and watching it on a screen, I’m talking about the recordings in front of a live audience. Many television recordings are free and just as entertaining as theatre, obviously, in different ways. Theatre comes in many forms; drama, comedy and musicals. We can all agree on one thing, we like it when it goes wrong. Television goes wrong more times than it goes right for the select few that get into the studio.

Unlike theatre, you are not guaranteed a seat. In television, they over ‘subscribe’, they give out too many tickets to secure a full house. This looks better on screen; empty theatre seats are not ideal but not as important. Every 20 minutes of the final cut, it’s taken approximately one hour to film. Sure, there are dull moments of scene changes and some jokes have to be re-recorded but it’s worth it for an inside glimpse into the off screen relationship between famous faces.

I was lucky enough to be invited to watch the recording of ‘A League of Their Own’. As I am without a sporting fibre in my being, I’d never watched the show and there I was, watching the first episode of the seventh series. I can’t say much more than that except I had a fantastic time. We were put on stand by and managed to get in, like I said, no guarantee. If there was a surety, if you knew you had a seat and your trip to London was not for naught, even if you paid a small fee, I think theatre would have a real rival. I know I’ll be in the running for tickets more often.

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