Chances and Good Timing

Chances and Good Timing

It has been too long and I can only apologise! Just stuff, dude, lots and lots of stuff. But I return with good news.

Dear Charlie

Thank you so much for sending in your play Freedom for the One Page Play Competition at the Hotbed Festival. We received a huge number of submissions this year and were really impressed by the high standard of entries. Your play stood out as one of the best and we’d love to perform it at this year’s Hotbed Festival.

Your play will be performed at Mercury Theatre, Colchester on Saturday 20th July at 10pm.

Six different plays will be performed on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and each night the audience will decide which their favourite is. These shortlisted plays will be performed again at our One Page Play Competition Final on Sunday 21st July at 10pm, and the audience will then decide on the overall winner, who will receive £125 to donate to a charity of their choice.

We hope to see you there!
Best wishes,
Menagerie Theatre Company

I’ve come close to giving it all up. But every now and then, I get a boost, a small nudge in the right direction. A hint that this thing, this writing business, is an option for me. I got this email on July 4th. July 8th, I get this:

I’m offering up proposals for plays and ideas to go in St Martins Church (just off the High Street) in Colchester. If you’ve got something let me know. It will need to happen between 20th August and 7th September. You will need to be mainly responsible for putting the show together, rehearsing, etc. But I can offer you a night and a space. It needs to be staged with little technical support. It can be a work-in-progress, an experiment, etc. I’m asking you few first and if there’s enough interest we’ll put a night together. Let me know asap.

An opportunity to good to ignore, what every aspiring creative person needs, a chance. The timing is off with other commitments but I couldn’t say no. So I didn’t. The one page entry that will be shown on 20th July (TICKETS STILL AVALIABLE, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME) sparked what is currently a 40 page script. I have put this forward as well as a piece called Cake. Cake is currently a collection of scenes, ideas and witty lines written on napkins.

So, yea, that goes some way to explain the past silence and the up and coming silence. If anyone reading this is an actor, and free around August, please let me know! ( I can only pay you in coffee and biscuits but it might be the start of something really special. Finally, as Neil Gaiman would put it, I’m taking the first steps on the right mountain. I am trying and possibly successing in making good art.

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