The Week I’ve Had

The Week I’ve Had

Last week was crazy; straight jacket wearing, window licking, aliens are amongst us crazy. And I’d like to share it with you.

Tuesday 16th July: 4th Estate Literary Salon.
An interesting and eclectic panel of writers talk about their first novel experiences. The authors were; Nathan Filer, master mind behind the smashing debut The Shock of the Fall; Tash Aw, who’s third novel Five Star Billionaire has been nominated in the Man Booker Prize long list; and David Baddiel … yes, the stadium-filling, anthem-singing comedian is also a critically acclaimed, bestselling author. In conclusion, to release a first novel you need dedication, time, luck … or be big in 1990s.

Wednesday 17th July: Bloomsbury Summer Road Show.
Bloomsbury wanted to show off their new collection of Children’s books that will be published later this year, beginning of next year. Some of their authors include JK Rowling and Neil Gaiman, I was more than happy to visit their head offices in London. There was a drinks reception of Pimms, Wine and Beer, as well as those naughty nibbles that are deliciously moreish. I walked away with a remarkable bag of swag including a sought after proof that was given to me by someone with a twinkle in his eyes as if to say ‘you didn’t get this from me’. I devoured it on the train home but gave it a new home with someone special.

Thursday 18th July: Cornetto Trilogy.
I’m ashamed to say it; I’ve never seen Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz. My excuse? Haemophobia, a perfectly rational fear of blood because blood is meant to stay inside the body and why would anybody want to see that?! I wanted consider myself a Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright fan and I couldn’t do that without seeing The Cornetto Trilogy. The official unofficial name of the unofficial trilogy of films written by Pegg and Wright, the latest The World’s End, because the each feature a Cornetto. There is a red (blood!) Cornetto in Shaun of the Dead and a blue (sound of da police) one in Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End is mint! I got a free one when I sat done to watch the trilogy in its entirety at Vue, Leicester Square. I didn’t vomit or have nightmares! Result! Acquired Boyfriend, sealed with a high five.

Friday 19th July: Brighton
Very tired from watching 7 hours of films and sleeping in a hot hotel by a very busy station; I drank coffee, ate bacon and pancakes, then headed to Brighton. There was traffic, it was hot and sweated in places I didn’t know existed! My university friends and I rarely see each other, it’s a shame but we’re all so busy. This weekend was going to be sunny, there was special edition Pimms and my bitches were all on route. One would join us on the Saturday …

Saturday 20th July: 110 miles for a page
Our fifth musketeer (The World’s End reference) joined us and we had a healthy breakfast of chocolate, strawberries and bananas. Beach time! Chips time! Oh no, home time came all too soon but I had to travel the 110 miles from Brighton to Colchester to watch my play in the One Page Play Competition. It was worth it as I got through to the final. Thank you to all that came to watch.

Sunday 21st July: The Final
BBQ with old school friends. Mother and sister came to support my play in the final. They were more excited about meeting the Boyfriend. Voted for my play … came second and possible publication.

Dear Charlie,

I’m so glad you were able to come along to the One Page Play Competition yesterday, and congratulations for making it to the final! The plays this year were particularly brilliant and Freedom was so deserving of a place (and the position of runner up)! As you know, our overall winner this year (voted for by Sunday’s audience) was Saturday Night by Griff Scott, which will be available to read on our website later this month. Please keep in touch with Menagerie and look our for future calls to writers.

Well done again!

Best Wishes,

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