Full Length Shed

Full Length Shed


Approximately one week ago, I had a 43 page script and bile in my throat. I knew it, I knew how the story of ‘Shed’ progressed in my head but the words weren’t ready. Most writers might understand this, letting the words mature in your head like a cheese. But, as we all know, cheese is just rotting milk. Ideas are like that. If they stay in your head for too long they fester and grow mould until your left with something you can’t pour over your cereal. Damn it; lost another metaphor!


Basically, I did it. With a little help from my patient, plot-hole poking, encouraging stress ball known as Boyfriend, I’ve completed ‘Shed’. It’s now an 80 page beauty. In my humble opinion, a rollercoaster of a script with twists, tragedy and drama. The most important thing for me, even if it’s not well received, is that I have completed something that can be considered full length. It was always a possibility that an idea in my head would make it to my computer; it was a slimmer possibility that it would be more than 10 pages.


I have tackled the length mountain and now I have the confidence to do more. I know that given a few free days, enough coffee and the right boost I can write. I graduated over two years ago; it is only now I can finally see myself as a writer. I’m still a bum with two part jobs living my parent’s house. But I’ve finally found the key to being a writer, and that is … writing. If you see it as a job and a career, it will become a job and a career. No one’s paying me yet, but maybe soon.    ,


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