Renegade Presents

Renegade Presents

renagade presents

Somewhere Else & Toilet

Both written and directed by Gari Jones


An opportunity to witness two new pieces of work in a unique environment.


He and She. The man and the woman. Time and habit have pressed them into isolation. Together. Alone. This is a last chance at the dream. Let the games begin.  ‘I dare you.’ Go Somewhere Else.

“My understanding was far more extreme that the revelations of the spoken word”


He. The Man. Time has pressed him inside the confines of his own mind. This is a last chance. Save Or Sabotage. But he needs to come to terms with the life around him. Where there’s a party going on. In a Toilet.

“Neighbours speculate as to their neighbours comings and goings. The curtains remain closed so there’s little to see. Isn’t that always the way?”


“The fluidity and clarity of Jones’ production” The Times

“Coherent, powerful and disturbing. A stunning and exciting experience” The Scotsman

“Gari Jones’ direction controls it firmly and sensitively” The Sunday Times


With Rev Wright as DJ


30th & 31st August

Doors at 7pm. Show starts 8pm


St Martins Church,

West Stockwell Street



Tickets £10

If you don’t pre-book via Colchester Arts Centre, it is CASH ONLY on the door.




renegade presents

Voices In The Dark


A unique event in a unique environment

Sunday 1st September

At St Martins Church


Featuring, in no particular order


Have Faith by David Garlick

Directed by Sarah Cooper

Life is a battlefield to attain happiness and just when you think you’ve fought well and discovered the formula – you’re hit by a curve-ball. When something terrible happens to someone close to us the impact can be devastating and we continue in a state of unfathomable shock. We don’t know the reaction until it happens. It’s life changing. And for some – a living hell.



Written & Directed by Charlie Hay 

Shed is the story of Jonathan, an illegal border guard who charges people to get out of the corrupt country in which he lives. He tells himself he is making money for his family’s protection and will leave eventually, but the more people he meets, the more he doubts himself, his actions and what’s on the other side of the wall. 


Night & Dark

Two pieces by Ryan Cowling

Directed by Rebecca Mallett

Night – Loss, love, anguish, death and war. All of these tragedies will be vividly recollected by a couple because of a figure hiding in the darkness of night.

Dark – A wary solider contemplates their life, their dark past and wary future transformed, transfixed and laid destitute by war.


The Golden age of Quackery

Limbo Theatre presents this highly dangerous and graphic variety performance, inspired by the Charlatan acts of the 16th Century. Not suitable for the squeamish.


Cake by Charlie Hay

A Rehearsed Reading Directed by Charlie Hay 

Rape; A person (A) commits an offence if – (a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis, (b) B does not consent to the penetration, and (c) A does not reasonably believe that B consents.


Music from Jonathan Marriott

Punky folk rock from Essex played with a raw intensity, with influences drawn from artists such as Frank Turner, Billy Bragg and Jamie T. Jonathan’s passion for live music is clear as he gives a real performance in the truest sense of the




Doors Open 6.30

Music from 7

Don’t arrive after 7.30


St Martins Church, West Stockwell Street, Colchester


renegade in collaboration with lakeside theatre presents

metamorphoses (after Ovid)

written and directed by gari jones


Weds 11 – Sat 14 September


Mercury Studio Theatre


Metamorphoses. Visceral. Beautiful. Savage. Affecting. In the face of emotional & physical transformation, the humanity of these stories, filtered through from Ovid, transcend the years to speak to our time. This production reflects the variety and persistence of pure storytelling. Love, loss, memory, imagination and mind-games, with a glimpse of the divine.


“The fluidity and clarity of Jones’ production” The Times


“Coherent, powerful and disturbing. A stunning and exciting experience” The Scotsman


“Gari Jones’ direction controls it firmly and sensitively and the cast respond with a bruising piece of company acting.” The SundayTimes


Suitable for ages 15+


Tickets:  £12.50 / £10

Mercury Theatre Box Office: 01206 573948

Mercury Theatre, Balkerne Gate, Colchester

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