Two Weeks of Book Heaven

Two Weeks of Book Heaven

Life owes me. There have been some difficult and testing times. I don’t believe in Karma necessarily, but I do believe in debt. Rather than do good things, good things happen, I believe that when the university throws you a certain amount of shit, you are owed a good time. My good time is coming soon, this Monday to be exact. I am off to the Cheltenham Literary Festival. It’s like a music festival but with authors instead of singers, talks instead of concerts and the poshiest portaloos you have ever seen. I’m talking art and working taps; the whole hog.


Shameless Wikipedia Cut and Copy:


“Formed in 1949, The Cheltenham Literature Festival is the longest-running festival of its kind in the world. The Festival was started by the Spa Manager George Wilkinson, in conjunction with the Tewkesbury-based author John Moore, who served as its first director. The Festival prides itself in showcasing the biggest names from contemporary culture with award- winning authors, up-and-coming writing talent and controversial debate. With over 140,00 tickets sold in 2012, the Festival remains one of the most prestigious literary events in the world.”


I worked it last year, Waterstones opened applications to their entire staff and I was asked to work the two weekends. I blogged a little about it last yea but this year I want to go bigger and better. I’m there for the full two weeks with The Boyfriend joining me for the last weekend to meet one of our favourite authors Neil Gaiman. Everything I see and everything I do I want to share.


Reading is a massive passion of mine and I encourage everyone to pick up a book. If you’re not a ‘big reader’ it’s because you haven’t found the right book, author or genre. There are many benefits to reading, but I must warn you ‘enjoying it’ and ‘addiction’ is a dangerous side affect. So this is me inviting you along for the ride, the best places to find me will be:


Twitter: charlieehay

Tumblr: nextdramaticstep

Facebook: Next Dramatic Step


I hope I can do the festival justice. I’ll see you on Monday.    

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