My 2013

My 2013

Mid February is as good a time as any to have a look back at 2013. I found my 2012 blog and, basically, here are the differences.


2012, I spent £441.50 on tickets, this year: £175.50 on theatre and musicals and £45.50 on NT Live. It wasn’t a theatre rich year but looking back at my diaries, I remember all the other cool stuff I did like attend book tours such as John Green and Dan Brown. I also went to Cheltenham again. Rather than rush to London after work, grabbing fast cold food and watching things by myself, I began enjoying my time at the theatre again. I made a day of it; I was with people I love. I saw things for a second time to share that experience with family.


Things I learnt from 2013:


–          Don’t subscribe to The Stage unless you’re extremely pessimistic to the point where you want it to rain so no one can see your tears and ruin everyone else’s happiness

–          Tiny tours and companies are becoming better than big budget London theatres that show the same plot but  different famous faces  

–          Abi Morgan is a Goddess.

–          The only way it will get written is if you write it.


Back in 2013 I said: “As many, many, many people have told me “I knew someone back from when I worked at X”. Clearly, I need to get into X and be as charming and memorable as hell.” I think it’s working, stuff I’ve written is moving in the right circles and I’ve had three original pieces on through a fantastic company called Renegade in Colchester with more to come. It’s getting seen and people are responding positively, a wonderful boost for my self-esteem and productivity.      


Have I achieved my 2013 goals?


Finished a full length play/TV series/film?

Technically yes, ‘Shed’ is finished but it recently failed the 10 page test at the BBC Writersroom. This happens to 85% of the scripts submitted and they received 2,900. Still, can’t help but take that personally. Feedback from people who will finish it is my next priority on that.


Paid off all my debts?



Benedict Cumberbatch?

Not my husband. Yet.


Goals for 2014? (Few more than last year)


–          Read over 50 books and blog about them too.

–          Blog regularly and develop/create my own website.

–          Finish something. Times three.

–          See new writing at new writing theatres that I’m likely to send my own plays too. Only seems fair.

–          Get cash money for writing.    

–          Marry a ridiculous handsome English actor with fuckable cheekbones. 

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