Blog Every Day in April

Blog Every Day in April

I do like a challenge. I’m going to have a go at blogging every day in April. I think it’ll be a good exercise in free writing, hitting a word count and getting into good habits. At the end of April, I hope to use my new found self-discipline on creative writing. I need to make up for lost time. I have been very bad lately; I haven’t touched a script in at least two months. I had a deadline in February so had pushed myself. During the rest of February and March, I found myself without a deadline and without motivation. I blinked and somehow April happened!


I’m a big fan of new starts; new diets, trying to start running again. It’s about time I started a new writing adventure. There aren’t many rules. Minimum of two hundred words, thirty straight days writing on any topic: creative, reflective or general musings. My regular Wednesday blog does count but my Books on Sunday don’t. I’m not alone; I’ve talked The Boy into joining me. A couple of days ago, he begun ‘blogging everyday’, that lasted for a grand total of two days. I thought this was a perfect challenge for both of us. We can motivate each other and there’s nothing like a little healthy competition. Loser buys dinner. Let’s see how this goes.   

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