Reading On Trains

Reading On Trains

I like reading on trains. I like reading on planes. I can not read while on a car or coach though, that makes me feel sick. I have had a number of train journeys in the past few weeks and my favourite part has been reading on the train. I’ve found reading quite difficult recently. I’ve had a couple of books that I’ve HAD to finish for various reasons and have not had the motivation to finish them. Nothing passed the time, and helps you through the book better, than reading on trains.

Today’s train journey was to London, the purpose was Leadership Training and the book was Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It is only when reading on the tube that I wish I had a Kindle. Not because I’m reading something inappropriate. That stuff’s on my phone. But turning pages is a nuisance when you’re also trying to hold on to something to stop yourself falling into the sweating man behind you. I sometimes consider taking a trip to the middle of god knows where for the sole purpose of reading on the train there. I’d find a cafe. Buy coffee and cake. I would read there until they kicked me out. Then I would get the train home, and read on that train too, revelling in the pleasure of a day well spent. But fuck me, tickets are expensive.

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