Bored Games

Bored Games

At the rip old age of 25, I have fallen in love with board games all over again. Before I talk about my rekindled love, I wanted to talk about why I think I lost my interest. My family is made up of five. Mum, dad, me as the oldest, my brother Lewis who is two years younger and my sister Ellie who is eight years younger. Naturally, my brother and I had no problems playing together being similar ages, but it was more difficult for my sister to join in. Coupled with the fact we didn’t let her.

But Sundays nights, after a roast dinner, we would play a family game. This normal ended that same way regardless what was game was being played. Dad thought he had it and because he hadn’t won clearly someone, me or mum, must have cheated. Ellie insisted on playing by herself and being treated as an equal which just wasn’t the case. Every turn, we’d have to explain the rules again, she’d refuse help and lose. Every time. This resulted in a sister in tears, an angry father and everyone with a headache. Thankfully, this weekly activity came to an end.

Now, the little sister is nearly seventeen and she has a better understanding of the rules. We have some new games but the nights are still the same. Dinner is cleared away, dad never wins and Ellie is still a sore loser. The fact that most of us drink had helped too. We played Cards Against Humanity this evening and we were all in stitches. We play them sparingly and now that we get a new board game every Christmas, we have a better selection to choice from. But some of the credit has to go The Boy, we play some pretty awesome games like Pandemic and Firefly together. Nothing like a pinch of competition and teamwork to keep a relationship strong.

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