The Day of Ironic Air Quotes REST End of Ironic Air Quotes

The Day of Ironic Air Quotes REST End of Ironic Air Quotes

I wish Sundays were a day of rest again. I work in retail and there are no days of rest in retail. Technically, there are two: Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. But anyone in retail will tell you that is not enough. We function perfectly well with Bank Holidays. Why is it acceptable for a Bank not being open on Saturdays and not shops? Just a heads up if it wasn’t clear, this is a rant.


I can understand the argument of wanting a bank open on a Saturday if you do the Monday to Friday, but internet banking is becoming more the norm. The thing that needs to be open is the Doctors! Internet banking is harmless, googling your symptoms is not. We may not like change, we may grumble a little internal in our British way, but we’ll all get used to it in the end. If your shopping centre was shut on a Sunday, you’d get used to it. You’d make more of an effort to get out of the house on the Saturday.


It’s an economic boast that would benefit companies greatly. You’re driving sales on one day, giving staff well deserved time off to recuperate from idiots and pointing to things under the customer’s nose and conversing power not opening, lighting and heating a massive area. We need to go back embracing the simple things, Sunday should be a day of rest, staring at a screen and not talking to any members of your family. 

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