Half Way There

Half Way There

Blog every day in April? Who’s clever idea was that? I missed one day; Thursday 10th. Time had run away from me, before I knew it, it was time to pick up The Boy and drive to Ipswich. We got home late at night so it didn’t happen on the Thursday. Friday I was determined, my blog was posted at nine o’clock at night. Saturday and Sunday, I disappeared to Brighton for the weekend to spend some quality time with some lovely ladies I’d met at university. Monday, my family came home from their holiday so the day was spent with them, spending money I didn’t have at Lakeside. Tuesday, I speed read Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca because I was off to a book club that evening and I had 300 pages left to read.


So there are my excuses. I think they’re pretty adequate. As it’s sort of the half-way point, I think I can keep going and not write off the experiment yet.  I’ve already learnt so much. I can write; I can force the words out even if it’s a train of thought that started from watching Masterchef. And I surprised myself with how quickly I could write 300 odd words. Playwriting has always been an event to me, I needed a clear day and a clear head. Maybe I can write the occasional scene is a spare half an hour rather than put it off.


But I’ve also learnt not to put too much pressure on myself. The Boy is very encouraging, he calls me out if I’m not touched a script in a while; he thinks I have potential and I should stop putting work first or I’ll regret it. But I also have to enjoy myself, the past week and a half I have been off work to relax and I needed to make sure I actually did that as well as creative writing and a qualification I’m doing. I’ve had a fantastic April and it’s not over yet, I’m off to Thorpe Park on Sunday!

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