I Heart Rollercoasters

I Heart Rollercoasters

So I was at Thorpe Park yesterday. First of all, I knew it was going to rain so I was fairly prepared. I had packed a waterproof jacket and that was about it. I don’t own any waterproof shoes because I’m cheap. The one pair of boots I was told would be almost certainly waterproof was not. Even after being sprayed with waterproof stuff, the material came away from the sole and water always finds its way in.


But the rain wasn’t going to stop us. I went with people I have worked with from a different branch. As all three of them are key holders for that store, Easter Sunday was the only day all three could go. We got soaked to the bone. To be graphic, I could wring put my bra and pants, that’s how hard and fast the rain came down. The morning started busy but I think people got fed up and went home because by 3pm, we weren’t leaving our seats and going round the rollercoasters again.  


I was worried I wouldn’t get enough bang for my buck but I did! The big rollercoasters we did two or three times. I even braved the Saw ride. I’m not scared by the ride, but the theme around it. I kept my eyes shut until we got outside, that’s where the best bit was anyway. I heart rollercoaster so much I think about getting a Merlin Annual Pass, get a week off work and do it all! In fact, I might just do that. 

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