I Miss Theatre

I Miss Theatre

I have barely spoken about theatre since 2nd April. Sorry you guys. I may not have been seeing it, but I’m always thinking about it. I follow a number of theatre based Twitter accounts and I look at the reviews, envious that I don’t get to see as many shows as them. I think about my writing. This thought normally occurs after twenty or so minutes spent on Tumblr, then I think to myself that I could have done something better with that time. But I am making improvements; I am reading a lot more plays. I’ve just finished The Vagina Monologues and lovingly borrowed some ideas and concepts. I’ve also begun frantically scribbling ideas and formulate a new structure to an old piece.


I may have to treat myself to a night of theatre.  Or maybe even a whole day, catch a matinee and an evening performance. I could easily do that at the National. But I’ve already booked myself to see King Lear through NTLive. Or maybe that will be the day I finally see the ‘classics’: Mouse Trap and The 39 Steps. They must be good; they’ve been there for centuries. Or maybe I’ll see new shows, I’ll support The Royal Court so I can use them in the future as a new writer. The same can be said for the other new writing theatres. I need to see what I’m up against rather than what I could never be or where I could never be. Because, realistic, I’ll probably be a one hit wonder. 

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