About Me

About Me

I had a rewiggle of my WordPress site yesterday. I have categorised things so I hope you find it easier to navigate. That was the easy bit. The hard bit was this: “About”. What to put on the About page? The standard has been this for a while:

Green eyes.
Questionable hair.
I do books, theatre and internet.
When I grow big, I want to write.
For now, I am young and stupid.

It’s short and accurate. Except for the last couple of months, my hair has been rather normal much to my mother’s delight. But I wonder how long I can be young and stupid. I’m 25 now. By today’s standards, I’m young. By the previous generation’s, I should be an adult. My mother had had me by this age. I can’t picture myself with a child. I’d rather handle a grenade than a baby.

I’m still stupid, I think I’ll always be stupid. Just look at any white table cloth in my house, most of the stains are my fault. I feel this website needs to reflect me better. I need to brag. That’s my mission for tomorrow. Writing credits, achievements and aspirations. But for now, I am young, stupid and watching Masterchef.

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