Latitude: Thursday

Latitude: Thursday


Thursday arrives. The furniture arrives. The books arrive. The festival can begin. If only it were that simple. First, the coldest shower I have ever experienced. For one of the three shower units that had no hot water. I thought I could handle it. I couldn’t. I stood outside the shower and grabbed handfuls of crisp cold water for the ‘important bits’. Then the hunt for coffee! The main arena wasn’t open to the public yet so none of the venders were serving. Someone managed to persuade a coffee vender and we jumped on the band wagon. The overpriced coffee helped me to get through the long day. I started at 9am and I finished at midnight.


Once the gates were opened, it was the people that kept me going. They were genuinely excited to see us there. Some running over. There were a ridiculous amount of teenage girls, if we had The Fault in Our Stars and Wreck this Journal, we could have made a killing and stayed in a hotel. I’m craving wifi. The purple art performer bands get us in the special places like the toilets with sinks and lights. Even to an after hours bar especially for staff. Drinking until 3am! Whoop! I never did such a thing. I like sleep, sleep is my friend, sleep stops me being a grumpy bitch.


Thursday was cool! Alex Horne did something hilarious judging from the audience’s laughter. I couldn’t see much from my book corner but I did see Jenga and a toilet seat. The highlight of my night was Spoken Nerd. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THEM? THEY ARE AMAZING! “Spoken Nerds create a celebration of science with comedy, songs, live experiments and unashamed geekiness.” They had an overhead projector and fire! It was amazing. I’m now following them all on twitter and downloading all of their podcasts. I also discovered Jonny and the Baptists. They sang a song about the library! It’s only day one and Latitude is helping me to discover my new favourite things.

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