Latitude: Friday

Latitude: Friday

jon ronson

Also known as the amazing shower day. We take showers for granted so when you haven’t washed your hair in three days, you want a shower, especially after that cold water splash of Thursday. I waited in a longer line for the more promising shower unit. It was worth it. The shower was continuous, none of this ‘pressing the button every twenty second’ rubbish. I had a naughty breakfast. I bought those not so tasty and no so satisfying and long lasting breakfast biscuits. I had those. I also had Pringles, don’t tell my mother.


I’m too lazy for this festival. I packed my bags in the morning for the cold evenings and maybe rain so I wouldn’t have to walk to and from the campsite. Even the festival venues are pretty spread out. Tiny shed acting as theatres in woods, water front stages and grand stages were spread all over Henham Park. Thankfully, everything I wanted was to the right of me on the Literature Tent stage. Just on Friday, I was treated to Richard Wiseman and Jon Ronson, and talks entitled: Literary Dystopias from Kafka to The Hunger Games, The F Word and Who Are You Really?


The talks were fascinating. Jon Ronson talked about two of his favourite subjects; psychopaths and Frank Sidebottom. Jon, I’ve seen talk before. Richard Wiseman I’d never seen before. I’d picked his books up in the shop and done that ‘impressed’ considering nod. After hearing him speak I want to read all of his books. He’s brilliant on stage, speaking with passion and flare about a variety of subjects such as ghosts and self-help books. Tonight’s main subject was sleep and dreaming; why we need sleep and what happens when we don’t get enough. The main culprit is modern living, especially, staring at computer screens and our phones. We got given special glasses that turn the bad blue light to an orange hue. I can’t find mine. I am sad.    

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