Latitude: Saturday

Latitude: Saturday





To start your Saturday morning in the best possible way, you could go for a 45 minute run with Alexandra Heminsley, author of Running Like A Girl. I have started running many times without much success. The idea of running with someone like Heminsley, or Hemmo for short, was terrifying and made my asthmatic chest tighten. Instead, I waited for her to come to the Literature Tent to tell me how to do it. She read out parts of her book and answered questions from the audience. She was honest. Yes it won’t be easy but it would all be worth it. She discovered that most of the running books on the market were rather extreme or aimed at women to lose weight to find husbands. Hemmo runs for her mind, she finds it’s a good way to process the day and digest big events. The health benefits are a happy side effect.


Saturday was also the day of shouting strange things. Things you would only find yourself shouting at Latitude. For example: “The Strawberry Lady’s coming!” There was a lady walking around with strawberries and cream like a middle class ice cream van; rather than getting a sticky sugary ice lolly, you get one of your five a day. I had to leave shortly after that. My father was turning fifty and had a massive party lined up back home. In the 24 hours I was gone, I had two showers just for the hell of it. I also ate too much food and drank too much. I slept in a real bed on a real mattress. I ate breakfast and then headed back to Henham Park to the bugs, portable toilets and camp bed.


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