Ed Fringe: A Long Arrival

Ed Fringe: A Long Arrival



The journey started around 7pm. Mother drove me to Thom’s. We checked we had everything. Thom’s mother drove us to Chelmsford Train Station. The train took us to Stratford where we got off because the app thing said to change at Stratford. We couldn’t find a train that would take us to London Victoria so we took the Central Line to Mile End and changed onto a District line to Victoria. All of this while dragging a suitcase packed for five days of ever changing Scottish weather. We walked the short distance to find ourselves at Victoria Coach Station for the final leg of the journey.


After two cars and three trains we would then take an eight hour overnight coach to Edinburgh. Mad, eh? Why a coach you ask? I was asking myself the same question as we took in the hot crowded room of people just as disgruntled as us. The coach was cheaper. Fact. We got to be horizontal too. It was like Harry Potter’s Knight Bus. It was liked being rocked to sleep by a giant mechanical mother. But in ridged, narrow hammocks with tiny pillows and thin fleece blankets. Despite all that, I actually slept so it was worth it as my first day in Edinburgh went on until 3am.


The coach arrived in Edinburgh at around 7.30am. The first thought was BREAKFAST! We hunted down a Weatherspoon’s and waited for it to open. We waited for it to open. It would appear there’s a Scottish Breakfast to rival the Full English, the main differences being a square sausage and a thing called a potato cake or bread? It was like a hash brown but less crisp and more grease. I liked it. During breakfast, we hooked up to the wifi and began booking shows. I got over excited and booked shows quite far apart with little time between them. Thom told me to calm down which was a sensible idea but I wanted to take advantage of the 2 for 1! Who needs to calm down now! We saved a decent amount of money being in Edinburgh for the first week. This money wasn’t necessarily saved. It went on massive breakfasts and coffee and coffee and coffee to wake us up. The breakfast was ridiculous calories so we burnt them off by finding Princes Street and walking to our rented apartment.


Our first show of the Fringe was to be Mr. Tony Law. He was performing at The Stand, pretty much the home of comedy for the run of Fringe. As they had their own box office, I thought I’d pop in to see if we could put our names down for sold out acts such as Bridget Christie and Stewart Lee. Those two, eh? By a stroke of luck, we over heard someone ask about Daniel Kitson tickets. They would be sold at midday; Enter The ToneZone started at 12.10. Barely in Edinburgh for three hours and we’re sat on the pavement, second in line for the forty day tickets released for Daniel Kitson’s midnight show before running down the road for a show! When in Rome. This was a very apt introduction to the Edinburgh Fringe.



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