Ed Fringe: Fangirl Thursday

Ed Fringe: Fangirl Thursday

So I was in bed, happily sleeping while Thom went to see Daniel Kitson again. We both really wanted to see Bridget Christie too but it was sold out. Thom gets chatting to someone at Kitson and gets himself a ticket. One ticket! “Don’t worry,” he said “they were letting people in for Daniel Kitson; we might be able to get you a return… I can still go in, right?” So we get out of bed nice and early, and head to The Stand to see if maybe possibly there was a small chance I could get in to see Bridget Christie. AND I DID!


As you’ve probably guessed, comedy is a big thing for Thom and we’d already seen many acts experiment with their Edinburgh shows with previews around London. We’d seen Christie a few months earlier and despite her “That wasn’t very good but there’s a joke in there somewhere” attitude, I don’t know how her show could have been any better, but it was. She embraces her ‘feminist’ label, she jokes about becoming a success, having to work and not relying on her husband. The title of her show ‘An Ungrateful Woman’ is apt in so many ways, she uses this sarcastic approach to highlight ‘no actually, everything is still fucked.’ A show that must be seen by men and women!


Next, we saw theatre, I hoped it would be dramatic as I was laughed out in the past 24 hours, I’d almost seen too much comedy I was finding it hard to laugh. Once again, I was seeing a play I knew little about but knew of the production company: HighTide Festival Theatre. “Back by popular demand”, good start, “Bottleneck is a vibrant coming of age comedy about becoming a man in Liverpool in 1989”; this was enough to tease but gave nothing away and I’m glad. The shock of where the story went caught me by surprise that I found myself crying at the end. One man/boy dominates the stage, running and exploring every corner, it was exhausting to watch. This made the grief all the more poignant; more emotional than a football match, its plays like this which is what I came to Edinburgh for.


And now for something completely different; back in June last year I read a fantastic book called The Humans by Matt Haig. Since then, he has become one of my favourite humans. He is just so cool and funny, he’s not had it easy either and calls people out on Twitter that are dicks about depression. Seriously, follow him on Twitter, it’s all writing, wine and swearing. And he was in Edinburgh at Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge. Set in a gorgeous B&B, Hendrick’s gin had set up a vintage style cocktail bar, punch was served in tea cups and there was a stuffed polar bear. Needless to say, I was very happy.


We were taken upstairs where we were given a free gin and tonic with cucumber, and we sat and listened. The names of the show was ‘Advise for Humans’ as at the end of The Humans a list is made of good advice such as: “You can’t find happiness looking for the meaning of life. Meaning is only the third most important thing. It comes after loving and being.” Haig spoke about writing the book and answered those standard questions before opening up to the audience where I, for lack of a better word, ‘fangirled’. I can bump into many famous people and be fine, put me in front of an author I adore and respect, and I’m an idiot. If you are a human, you must read The Humans. I have two signed copies and you can’t have either.

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