Exploring the Dam

Exploring the Dam

So there was a slight change of plan, I went to change out of my very tight jeans and into to a dress so I could be more comfortable around the museums. Then I found ‘I AMsterdam’ City Card, a nearly all access pass to the sights of Amsterdam, and I realised how expensive my afternoon could be. Van Gogh Museum was €15, Stedelijk Museum was also €15. The Ryksmuseum wasn’t listed. The Science Centre was €15. Plus a tram ticket at €7.50. It was looking to be a lot.

One of these city cards was €47 for all of these attractions and more, including a canal cruise worth €15. €67.50 worth of stuff for €47. I just have to walk all the way to the train station to get one. Then I could work in the library until 10pm when it closes and get the tram to the hostel without navigating the streets at night. Although I do plan on walking the streets tonight once I visited the Red Light District. NOT LIKE THAT!


I have discovered that you can’t get lost in Amsterdam. You can only discover more Amsterdam. Learn the names of the canals and you should be find. I hired a bike this afternoon. I actually can’t remember the last time I rode a bike. I’d hazard a guess at around 3-4 years. But like they say… you never forget how. But something I wasn’t prepared for was the complete lack of rules or logic!

I wasn’t told any dos or don’ts because if there were, no one else was doing it. There was no logic. No right side of the road. Every flat surface was used by cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and cars. A free for all on the pavements of Amsterdam. But I cycled for a good few hours, stopping only to take photos and eat a gorgeous veggie dutch lunch which is a cheese sandwich, soup and bitterballs. I have no idea what was in them but they tasted fantastic. I have now returned to the hostel for a cheap dinner, more writing, internet access and a well deserved sit. Also to plan my big fat museum day. Determined to spend €100 to make the most of my city card.


Oh my, Justin Timberlake’s Technology is playing, I haven’t heard this sound in as long as I haven’t ridden a bike.

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