Books of 2015 or Where are you Robert Galbraith?

Books of 2015 or Where are you Robert Galbraith?

Before everyone started losing their shit over Harper Lee’s new/old novel being published, there were some other big titles coming out in 2015 that got book nerds excited. Again, because I’m lazy and had a crazy sort of day which involved getting ready for an interview in two hours, I have stolen from the BBC News Website. Rebecca Jones looked ahead to the big book of this coming year.

Kazuo Ishiguro is to publish his first novel in 10 years called The Buried Giant. I haven’t read his previous seven books so I really have no opinion on this. Jonathan Franzen is to release his fifth novel called Purity. I have attempt to read one of Franzen’s books: Freedom. I did not get along with it at all. I can’t actually remember why, it was four years ago. I don’t think I liked the pace. That sounds about right. Danielle Steel is bringing out a new novel, but she easily has two a year so I don’t how this made Rebecca Jones’ list.

In fact, I was rather underwhelmed with her list so I’m also constructing my own. And yes, it’s rather nerdy. Turns out, we’re not done with the Harry Potter books. Don’t get too excited, Rowling hasn’t pick her quill again. More behind the scenes magic from the film world, first we had Creature Vault, now we can expect: Harry Potter: Magical Places from the Films.

Told a small lie early, JK Rowling does have a new books. But she penned this a while ago, back in 2008 in fact. She delivered a deeply affecting commencement speech at Harvard University and its being published as a book! Every word that woman writes is gold so why not publish this inspiring speech.

David Levithan is doing a Tiny Cooper story! Trust me that is a big deal. Youtube sweetheart Carrie Hope Fletcher and brilliantly nosey Jon Ronson have non-fiction books coming out. One of which I’ve already read and loved, but then, Jon Ronson hasn’t let me down yet.

They’re all the books I know about… let’s see what else the year throws at us. Come on Robert Galbraith!