Free Writing: Valentine

Free Writing: Valentine

Dearest You,

We are yet to meet. I suppose that’s my fault. I don’t get out much. It’s hard to find someone to spend your quiet nights in with if your too busy enjoying them yourself.

I hope you read. I hope you don’t have a genre. I hope you blindly jump into books like I do. I would read it and pass it you, watching and waiting. We’d hate the same characters, we’d both guess the plot twists or pretend to to look more intelligent.

I may not go out but I’m in the right place. One day, Julia Roberts will walk into my bookshop. Bu there are days where I must come across like Bernard Black. I’m not sorry.

I wonder where you are my dearest you. I’m finding it impossible to find you, but believe me when I say, I’ll be very good at keeping you.

All my love,