Book Review: The Girl with All The Gifts

Book Review: The Girl with All The Gifts

I’m a little out of whack, sorry! Here’s a book review:


This is a story you’ve never heard. This is a tale told from a new angle. This isn’t your typical horror thriller. It may not look like it, but this is a story of the walking dead. There’s no handsome sheriff here to save the day, this is the tale of a young girl called Melanie trying to understand this strange dangerous world with the help of her teacher Helen Justineau.

The walking dead are known as ‘hungries’, forcing the human race to hide in secure facilities. It falls to scientist Caroline Caldwell to find out what is going on. It made me very happy to see a lot of strong female characters in this book. The author, MR Carey, has added depth to every aspect of the zombie franchise. Carey’s interpretation of mindless brain eating zombies is rich in scientific research that it almost seems plausible, especially as the fungus that causes this state of mind is real.

This is a thrilling and emotive read, Melanie is special but she doesn’t understand why people are scared of her. She does as she is told, she’s a good girl, a gifted girl. She is an innocent and reliable narrator to the horror that unfolds before her. Melanie’s high IQ translates onto the page, making this novel one of the most intelligent zombie novels I’ve read.