Oscars I’ve Done Seen

Oscars I’ve Done Seen


Bandwagon time! Let’s talk Oscars.

So it turns out, I have seen three of the winners. First of all The Grand Budapest Hotel, which won: Best Costume Design, Best Make-up & Hairstyling, Best Original Score and Best Production Design. Four! Exactly the same as Birdman which also took four Oscars; notably, Best Director and Best Actor. I adored The Grand Budapest Hotel, it was stunning to watch which is why it took home so many golden statues for design. But it was a hilarious adventure too, it should have got recognition for that. I did have fingers crossed for Best Original Screenplay, but that went to Birdman.

I was surprised to discover that I had seen this year’s winner for Best Documentary Feature: CitizenFour. I’m going to slightly self-plagiarise, if you want to read the full blog I did on CitizenFour ‘Reading and Living 1984’, the link is below.


But here’s the bits about the film: Citizenfour started as a film on the heightened domestic surveillance in America until the director received an encrypted email. She was contacted by a man who would become the biggest whistle blower of the 21st Century: Edward Joseph Snowden. We need people like Edward Snowden. Big Brother is watching us. Our freedom is restricted and as a result our curiosity is stunted. These big governments monitoring domestic communications for threats, it’s as if they are looking for a war. You must see it.

The third Oscar winning film I’ve seen was the winner of Best Adapted Screenplay: The Imitation Game. Like CitizenFour, it must be watched. Alan Turing was a fantastic man and did a great service to this country. For me, that wasn’t the important bit. For me, it was about disgracing us as a country, embarrassing us, remind us the terrible things we have done and the way we treated people. Alan Turing has only just been pardoned for being convicted for his sexuality. That’s great, but I’m going to get on my soap box and say pardon them all!

Final thoughts, I can’t believe I haven’t seen Big Hero 6! It won Best Animated Feature and is a Disney film, normally I’m all over that shit. Also a little upset that Everything is Awesome didn’t win Best Song but I’m happy Selma won.