Free Writing: POW

Free Writing: POW

A: I’ve begun to enjoy the routine. 

B: Enjoy?

A: I like knowing what’s coming. I know when breakfast is. I know when lunch is. I know when dinner is. It’s like training. 

B: You’re-

A: It’s like we were trained for this; capture. The routine of it all. Embrace the routine.

B: We get it, you like routine. 

A: There’s no surprises. Not anymore. I know nothing I say or do will be right. Everything will be punished. Like in training. 

B: It’s not like-

A: It is and you know it. You didn’t make the bed right, push ups, sit ups, laps. The bed was never right. 

B: Yours maybe. 

A: Was yours?

B: I-

A: Ever not get punished? Ever have a perfect bed?

B: No-

A: See. I’m right. They know we’ll get captured. And we’re not worth saving. 

B: We are- They will-

C lifts his leg to reveal tally scars 

B: Why have you-

C: That’s how long we’ve been here. 

A: See. 

C: They ain’t coming. 

B: But-

C: Gonna be tallying my arse any day now. 

B: No. 

A: What?

B: I said no. 

C: Ha!

B: Shut up! You just shut up. 

A: Chalky, you’ll-

B: What?

A: The guards. 

B: The guards? You’re the one who said-

A: Well there’s no need to encourage more.

B: Where’s the knife?

A: What? 

B: Oi, Calendar, where’s the knife? 

A: What knife? 

B: How have you been cutting yourself?

C: Rusty rail. 

B: Give it. 

C: It won’t kill you. I’ve tried.

B: I’m-

C: Won’t kill them neither. Going after an armed guard with a rusty nail. Ha!

B: I’m going to try. 

A: Why? 

B: A rusty nail won’t kill me, but a bullet will.