According to the National Coffee Organisation, there are more than 300,000 Americans who consume at least ten cups of coffee each day. Describe one of those people.


Before there was coffee, people drank alcohol. Both are problematic. I blame science. It must form an opinion on everything. You probably can’t say opinion when you talk about science. Fact then. Scientific fact. They must know how bad or how good. But evidence isn’t fact, you can choice to ignore bits. Why else is alcohol a bad thing that causes all sorts of problems to do with your liver. Yet, you have to drink two glasses of red wine a day. A day? A week? Is it even two? Depends who you ask and what evidence they have turned a blind eye to.


No evidence is unbiased. They’re saying the same with coffee. Can’t have too much but three or four cups a day will make you live forever. Isn’t that what they’re saying? Who knows what to think or drink? Confusion is dangerous. Lack of understanding leads to anger. On scales big and small. But they don’t ask why. Surely that’s more important right?


Why are you drink vodka straight from the bottle and crying yourself to sleep? Why do you need five cups of coffee before you resemble a human being? It’s more important to tackle the use of these things as a medicine, trying to cure a symptom of something else. Clearly you’re depressed. Talk to someone. Reach out.


You can’t wake up, maybe you need a decent multivitamin rather than a stomach lining dissolving coffee or whatever science is saying coffee does. I goggled it, my poor brain function might be a lack of protein. The solution might be KFC, not Starbucks. Forgive me, Starbucks is always the answer.