A: It won’t take long to adjust to the cold. Once your core is cold, that’s it. Won’t feel it anywhere else.

B: Won’t I loose liver function or something? Won’t my organs shut down?

C: What are you a doctor?

A: Don’t do drink or drugs. Then you don’t need your liver to filter shit because it’s all pure.

C: Ed’s a vegan.

A: A challenge given our status, but the moral high ground is mine.

B: But your liver does other stuff.

C: Like what?

B: Red meat –

A: I don’t eat red meat so –

C: You don’t eat any meat –

A: Lot of bad stuff in red meat –

C: Like flavour?

A: You likes that vegan burger we had last week.

C: We hadn’t eaten in three days.

B: Three days?!

C: You get used to it.

B: But I don’t want to get used to it. I don’t want to get used to any of this … shit.

A: You don’t have to worry about losing stomach in your stomach if you don’t use it for three days.

A: It’s all about lungs and heart.

C: And arse.

A: And arse, gotta keep your back side on your good side, gonna be your new best friends.

C: You’re going to be sitting on it a lot.

B: I feel like I should be writing this down.

A: We’ll look after you.

C: Will we fuck!

A: Arthur!

C: One for one and all for all. Let society take care of her. I look after me.

A: Ignore –

C: How old are you?

B: Seventeen.

C: You got a free pass sunshine.

B: What?

A: You’re under eighteen, you can sign up for all sorts of help.

C: And you’re a girl. Not a lot of situations where it’s better to be a girl. They’ll want you off the streets before you start selling yourself. You have a plethora of charities just waiting to help. They don’t give a fuck about middle aged white men. Using or not using. Everything’s backwards on the streets.