The New York Trilogy: Part 1

The New York Trilogy: Part 1

Saturday was a write off. I let myself lay in the best I could. I walked down International Drive, Orlando for the last time. I found myself an International House of Pancakes, one of the many restaurants I was told I had to visit. I got white chocolate pancakes with a raspberry sauce. It was very very very nice. I have never felt so American in all my life. Especially after five days, I was starting to get the hang of the money! I went back to the hotel, caught my shuttle and went off to the airport, not to go home, but to go to New York City!

I waited at JFK for about an hour for my shuttle to the hotel and sat in traffic for just as long before I glimpsed a skyscraper. It was nearing 8pm when I stepped out my hotel in search of a deli. Two blocks later, I had a beef and cheese sandwich, it was very very very nice. I have never felt so American in all my life. I decided to have an early night. So my first day on the island of Manhattan, I’d seen two blocks. But I was resting up for what turned out to be a very long week of walking.

I was uncertain if tourist spots such as museums would be shut on a Sunday. Over breakfast, I asked the guy pouring my coffee if there was anything you couldn’t do in New York on a Sunday. His response: drink before noon. He seemed surprised that we had shorter trading hours on a Sunday in England because church or something of the like. So I headed out one of my nerdist day, a Book Tour. I visited a number of book stores, I didn’t mean to, but in each shop I asked the bookseller to recommend a book set in New York. I gave each shop a different genre.

Barnes and Noble: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster (Fiction)
192 Books: Kafka Was the Rage by Anatole Broyard (Non-Fiction)
Posman Books: Time and Again by Jack Finney (Science Fiction)
Strand Bookstore: It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini (Young Adult)
Forbidden Planet: Rocket Girl (Graphic Novel)

I did also visit other stores like The Drama Book Shop but I didn’t buy anything, and on my ‘Lower Manhattan’ day visited The Mysterious Bookshop and asked for crime, obviously, and bought The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye.

My nerdiest day ended with a concert. ‘Why was it nerdy?’ I hear you cry, because it was people off YouTube. A band that sings songs about Harry Potter and a band lead by Hank Green, who likes to sing about science. It was geeky but it also turned out to be quite drinky. I made a new friend and we drank vodka like it was going out of fashion. I think we also managed to sneak into a VIP bit as we got chatting with some of the musicians. We were just polite to the barmaid, she didn’t say anything. After a conservative and sensible start, I spent my Sunday night in a slightly spinning room.