The New York Trilogy: Part 3

The New York Trilogy: Part 3

Wednesday doesn’t sound as impressive on paper. I went up the Empire State Building twice and saw a show. The day felt longer than that. The excitement of Orlando, the excitement of New York and constantly being on my feet was taking its toll. The day was also pretty epic. The Empire State Building was incredible and higher than I though and the Broadway play was The Audience with Helen Mirren. The title is The Audience but everyone, including myself, feel the need to say The Audience with Helen Mirren.

I had two things left on my booklet; what was the tallest building in the world and possibly the craziest building in world. To get to the top of the Empire State Building, you first have to find the right entrance. While looking for the right entrance, you will be approached many times about different tickets and experiences. I admit, I did fall prey to one as they promised VIP entrance and I was in a rush. To be honest, I don’t think it made that much difference. It was all the same, you’re squeezed into a lift to climb 80 floors very quickly to get into a second lift. It is worth it.

I was so high and everything was so small. I could see so far. I saw things I was running out of time to see at ground level such as the Flatiron Building and the north of the island. Much like the lift, it was crowded on the 86th floor observation deck. Three layers of people to the edge. Elbows had to be activated to get the token selfie. The rest of my photos were taken over people’s heads. I don’t think I was there for longer than half an hour. That was enough for me. I’d seen it and now I could say I’d done it. That’s the most important bit.

First lift, second lift, escalators and then a mad power walk through Times Square to find the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater which should be spelt theatre. Here I took my seat to watch a play I could have seen in London but kept missing, The Audience with Helen Mirren. I had moderately powerful contacts, enough to get a good seat and a backstage tour! Unfortunately, I didn’t meet the Queen, sorry Dame, herself. I saw the secrets of the quick changes, and the ridiculously beautiful and expensive coronation dress.

The craziest building in the world could be the Guggenheim. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it’s a white building wider at the top than it is at the bottom. It has a unique ramp spiral on the inside. From what I’ve heard. Despite my best and now famous power walking I arrived at the Guggenheim ten minutes after closing. Too tired to care, I hailed a cab and lounged in my hotel room until I considered it twilight. I almost didn’t but after missing the Guggenheim I thought I should use the ticket. A night time visit to the Empire.

Thursday was my last day. It was cruise day. The walk wasn’t long, thank god. I was extremely lucky with this tour as the guide was equally hilarious and knowledgeable. Here’s the Brooklyn Bridge and its history. Here’s an expensive apartment building, Leonardo DiCaprio lives there. It made me feel so small. It made me realise that I’ve only just scratched the surface. Naturally, I’ll have to come back. A quick tattoo to commemorate the incredible journey and I flew home to my own bed, forever and always my favourite place on earth.