August was silent beside her. He didn’t like to speak to strangers. September approached the dark figure. July has begun to shake. She was starting to embrace them. Thank goodness June isn’t here though August. June and July came as a pair. Normally. They would set each other off, make each other worse. Whether it was glee or tears. July hold back sobs. September held his hands up, as if giving up. August had seen the spring months do it upon their arrival. Maybe this is how it always was. September was one of the youngest. 30 days. July was older though wasn’t acting like it. September always took charge. He has a command about him. Before, the twins would turn to August for help, their lazy hazy ways were contagious. August wasn’t a leader despite his name sake. Maybe once August had been great, many years ago, the first August was strong and brave. That diluted, got weaker over time. Today’s August was no match for September and no match for the stranger.

‘Are you October?’ ask September.

August had heard rumours of October of course. August and July and June would sit in the sun and speculate. October was dark. October brought the red and brown. October would come and slay their hard work. The stranger said nothing. He wasn’t as dark as they had expected. His smile was untrustworthy. He wasn’t red or brown, but green and yellow.

‘September, what’s happening?’ August was surprised at his own voice. Maybe he wasn’t so weak after all.

‘It’s what I feared’ said September ‘October is warm.’

‘As will be November’ said the stranger.

‘So you are October?’

‘I am he.’

‘And November?’

‘He will come twice as hot as I.’