Charlie Versus Stage Directions

Charlie Versus Stage Directions

My stage directions are simple or complex, there is no in between.


A father is taken at dinner.


The father is hung.


JONATHAN is reading ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. An alarm goes off from inside the tent. He ignores the sound until he gets to the end of a paragraph. He carefully folding the page.

He shuts off the alarm. He retrieves a rifle and goes through his checks. He looks around the tent. He goes through the hole in the wall and checks the other side. He returns to his tent and comes out with a tin. He counts the money in the tin and puts it away. He sits back and continues reading.

ANNA enters the shed with toast in her mouth. She opens a locked cupboard, inside is bottles of vodka. She takes one. She opens a tin. She counts the money in the tin while eating her toast. She puts some into her back pocket. She puts the tin away. She leaves with the vodka bottle.

JONATHAN hears someone approaching. He throws down the book. He reaches for the rifle just in time.

FRANZEN walks up to the tent.