A: This is going to be difficult to shift. Who actually spends £50 notes? Why do they bother printing them?

B: Save paper.

C: It ain’t paper.

B: What is it then?

C: Linen, I think.

A: ‘cause we’ll have to spend it in shops, won’t we?

C: Shut up.

A: ‘cause the bank track the numbers so I can’t deposit it in my bank.

B: Are you saying you can’t spend 50 million quid?

C: A third of that.

A: I’m saying who actually uses cash these days? You go anywhere with a fifty and they always ask if you have anything smaller.

C: Shut up!

A: I can’t walk into a dealership and say ‘One Bentley please’ and pay in full in cash.

B: They do in the movies.

A: No, they always cut away. I think we should take the twenties.

C: No. That’s stupid idea.

B: It’s less money.

A: But spendable money. I can do all my Christmas shopping without questions.

B: Is that all you’re thinking about?

A: It is November. Can’t leave these things until the last minute.