With A Little Bit of Luck

With A Little Bit of Luck

Ta na ne, ta na ne, ta na ne, ta na na te boy

It was 2001, the summer before the Twin Towers fell. Nadia is swept up in the UK Garage scene. She wants to stay at university. Her boyfriend T wants to be an MC. Sam wants everyone to have the most memorable night of their lives. Poppy is a police woman who has a very different idea of what fun looks like. Paines Plough’s With a Little Bit of Luck is about a summer of drink, dance, daring, drugs and having a little bit of luck.

With a little bit of luck, we can make it through the night.

Written by Sabrina Mahfouz and directed by Stef O’Driscoll, the show is a mix of theatre and gig. Latitude was the perfect setting for such a combo. There was silence during emotional revelations. The four characters I mentioned, all the same actress: Seroca Davis. Mahfouz has given each one a distinctive voice, they are four very different characters and Davis captured each beautifully.

DJ come drop it with the rhythm and the rhyme

The DJ along come drop it with the bad bassline

Bad bassline, bad bassline

Bad bass, bad bass, bad bassline

The scripted was paced with musical interludes flawlessly. Davis’ monologue is broken up by Garage Goddess Martyna Baker. Her singing, accompanied by beat wizard Gabriel Benn, caused members of the audience to jump up and dance. They recognised the tune in a matter of seconds, we all know the garage classics. They were worked seamlessly into Nadia’s narrative. A celebration of a summer we’ve all experienced and will never forget.

Holler with the rinsin’ sound

Holler with the mixin’ sound

People came for the theatre and stayed for the music. People came for the music and stayed for the theatre. I will never forget this celebration.

Ta na ne, ta na ne, ta na ne