An Open Love Letter to Matt Haig

An Open Love Letter to Matt Haig

Dear Mr Haig,

You are fucking awesome. You do so much and it is all awesome. You’re writing a screenplay at the moment, I have no doubts that it’ll be anything less than awesome. Your fiction is awesome. Your non-fiction is raw, honest and uplifting in an awesome way. You are my favourite person on Twitter. (Except when JK Rowling has an intermittent burst during the rugby or when her friend Robert Galbraith has finished a book.) I retweet at least 92% of your stuff. You fight for what is right and you perfectly capture the life of an artist. Not to throw your own quote back at you but you noticed the ‘ridiculousness of being a human’. Thank you for writing about it.

Speaking of humans, your book The Humans is the first book of yours I’d read. I believe I’d begged your publisher for it. I can’t remember why I was drawn to it, all I know is how it made me feel afterwards. It truly opened my eyes. I become more aware of the people around me, imagined them more complexly than I ever had before. And finally, someone had recognised peanut butter sandwiches a legitimate meal! I read it with a massive smile on my face, then shit got real, then I smiled again.

The latest book I’ve read is The Radleys. It amazes me that you can take concepts we all know like humans and vampires, and completely spin them on their heads! Your vampires are cultured, clever and human. (I fear I may be over using that word in this letter.) In making them sexy and kick arse, I think most authors forget they are essentially human. They’re awkward. They’re flawed. They too just want a happy easy life. I recognised the family and the myth.

Now that I have signed copies of Echo Boy and To be a Cat, I’m gonna read them soon. Thank you for signing them at Latitude for me. I did see you and would have said hello but I was overcome with shyness and had nothing of value to say except: You’re amazing I haven’t finished The Radleys yet but I’m really enjoying it and thank you for Reasons to Stay Alive I was sad once I’m okay now but I’m scared of being sad again but I think I could deal with it differently because of your book any way I’ll let you get back to your family you’re amazing I love you thank you bye bye thank you. That’s why I’m writing you this letter because right click synonyms and proof reading. But in the end, that felt superficial.

So to put it briefly: thank you for helping me be the human I always wanted to be.