Science Fiction and The Bible | #RRSciFiMonth

Science Fiction and The Bible | #RRSciFiMonth

A quick not proofread ramble of something that has been bothering me for a few days.


It’s time for another unpopular opinion and a controversial talking point. Science fiction and religion. I am currently indulging in two very similar stories: Supernatural and Good Omens. Anyone who has been on Tumblr for more than five minutes may have a vague notion as to what Supernatural is. If you don’t let me explain: Two brothers fight demons, ghosts and the paranormal. After a couple of seasons, things get serious as we are introduced to angels and the concept of God. The Bible features heavily, obviously. I am also reading Good Omens; I haven’t finished the book but listened to the BBC Radio Drama on holiday this year. A slightly incompetent angel and an indifferent demon have a large role to play in getting the Antichrist to earth so Armageddon can ensue. The book borrows heavily from The Bible, obviously.


And this got me thinking, as is the beauty of engaging television and books, about The Bible and how we should view it. To some it is a work on non-fiction; a collection of text sacred to their religion. As for the other two; Supernatural is considered a work of Drama, Fantasy, Horror by IMDB and Good Omens is a work of Fantasy by Amazon. Having no religion myself, I would argue that these events didn’t happen. However, I believe in keeping things sacred. When the crucifix became, for lack of a better word, fashionable a little while ago I refused to buy it. If there was an earring set with crucifixes I wouldn’t buy it because I’m not Christian. I’ve never seen the Star of David being used in fashion or The Aum Symbol. If it did, I wouldn’t wear it.


I want to respect these religions but it feels hypocritical that I love the stories and fantasy that comes from it. It’s easier when I don’t consider the book sacred but it is to some and it feel disrespectful. As you can see, I’m confused and torn. I’m treading carefully after the Charlie Hebdo and Paris attacks. As a creative person, I would never dream of taking after from the Qur’an and making it my own, so why is it okay with Christianity? Why is it okay to take the symbol that is, let’s not forget, a weapon used to kill many men not just Jesus and put it on my fancy top that looks great with my leather imitation leggings?


Maybe it’s not that you do it, it’s how you do it. The Jerry Springer Opera took Jesus and gave him a weird sex fetish, many would have you believe. If you actually watch the show, Jesus and Baby Man are played by the same actor so you can make your own deductions. You can’t take The Bible and make it into something they won’t like. But if you are fighting on Team Free Will against the demons and stopping Armageddon, or have teamed together to give the Antichrist a balanced upbringing so he came make his own opinion about Armageddon, well then, maybe that’s okay. They’ll let you off. It’s okay that the Book of Mormon has a comical look at the religion because it’s correct and follows one bad person that happens to be a Mormon rather than attacking the whole religion. Each to their own. I’d love to know your opinion. Ramble over.

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