Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman

Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman


There’s a family called Weird, that’s their surname not a title they have chosen for themselves. Although, it is rather fitting. Five grandchildren must come together to get to their grandmother’s bedside before she dies because they are cursed. The plot’s kind of weird too. “Richard, the oldest, always keeps safe; Abba always has hope; Lucy is never lost and Kent can beat anyone in a fight. As for Angie, she always forgives, instantly.” A road trip brings the whole family together for a kooky adventure and we’ve been invited to watch.

Despite the craziness, this book is extremely authentic. If you have brothers and sisters, you’ll understand. I hate to use the word ‘banter’ but there was plenty of back and forth. They set out to embarrass each other. A balance of tragedy and humour.  There was little direction on who is saying what. For example, not a lot of ‘said Lucy’. But you get to know these characters very quickly and they are very very different. I knew who the voices were, or at least had a well-informed educated guess. Not that it really mattered who said what because they’re all as bad as each other, fighting as siblings would. It was an odd mix that reflected the tone of the book.

If a book is less than 300 pages, I am always left wanting more. I fell for this family despite their emotional scars and damage. You don’t grow up with a grandmother that believes in a family curse and lead an unremarkable life in accountancy. Sorry accountants. But we have a complete story, we join this family on a mission. When the mission is complete, the story is over. It’s a shame but satisfying. That’s how I felt at the end, like I’d eaten an amazing hearty meal. It was good while it lasted and I am left with a smile on my face.

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