The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M Harris

The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M Harris


This is Loki before his Marvel make over. This is not Tom Hiddleston in that fantastic green and gold outfit. He’s not the misunderstood good guy we want to fix. He is the hero of his own story and Joanne M Harris’ telling probably the closest thing we will get to the truth, certainly the myth. This is the story of Asgard as told by Loki, an innocent bystander… for some parts of it anyway. The gods lived quite happily until Loki, well, he is born from Chaos.

It’s told from Loki’s perspective which I adored. This would make a fantastic audio book as it read like one half of a conversation. I imagine Loki and I in a bar with drinks in hand while he told me about how much he has done for Odin, his selfless actions and he’s want to fit in with the rest of the gods. He doesn’t play well with others but would, and practically does, go to the ends of the earth for Odin. He would use phrases like ‘yours truly’ and ‘your humble narrator’. It’s remarkable that this is Joanne Harris’ first adult fantasy novel because her Loki is so authentic.

Without knowing the original Norse mythology, I can’t comment on how accurate the stories are. There were certainly a lot of them. Told as anecdotes, Loki gives his post mortem on events and he’s logic behind his actions. Like I said previously, each villain is the story of his own story. I would argue that this one of faults though. Harris has covered a very long period of time and because her Loki is so likeable, this could have made an excellent series. I want more. I would have liked her to take her time. I would even read the history of Asgard from another god’s perspective for more Loki. It would be interesting to hear about his antics from their point of view. I just want more please Ms Harris!


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2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M Harris

  1. :O I’m beginning to get into mythological driven novels more and more. This one looks like I may need to track this one down! If you like Richelle Mead, her Dark Swan Series brings in fairies and mythological God lore.

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