What happened to National Theatre Live?

What happened to National Theatre Live?


No seriously, what happened to National Theatre Live? I religiously went to every showing. The last one I went to was Hangmen by Martin McDonagh and that wasn’t a National Theatre production. It was from the Royal Court that then transferred to the Wyndham’s Theatre. I went on the NTLive website and it’s a mess. Listed under current productions is Medea from September 2014. I don’t blame National Theatre or the people who designed the website but it does need maintaining!

The whole thing, cinema screenings of theatre productions, needs a bit of TLC. (ROH, Ballet and Opera are ON IT!) After spending some time on ntlive.nationaltheatre.org.uk, I gave up and headed to Odeon and Empire. Odeon was useless, their future showings are listed in alphabetical order rather than release dates. But that system is also flawed. When I went onto the Empire website it was a little easiest to sort the film from the theatre and opera. Which, by the way, there is a lot more of. They have screenings consistently lined up until 28th June 2017!

This is a disgusting stereotype and I apologise but there are a number of types of people that go to the cinema over the real thing. One group is people like me, theatre lovers with little money. The tickets are more expensive than seeing a film but cheaper than the theatre ticket. It’s cheaper than the cost for an Essex girl like me to get to London! Another group of people is the elderly. (I’ve been to lot of these and know this to be true. As a twenty something year old girl, I was the odd one out.) So I can’t help but wonder how the less tech savvy of the audience find out about the showing. I live on the internet and I’m finding it difficult to figure out what is showing when and where.

Richard III with Ralph Fiennes is showing 21st July in Odeon Cinemas but not Empire Cinemas from what I can deduce. With the Odeon website, I only found it because in small letters in the corner of the poster it says Almedia Theatre and I knew Richard III to be Shakespeare. If you were looking for Richard III in their listings, you would have missed it because it’s listed as Almeida Live: Richard III. Back when it was only NTLive, alphabetical system was handy because they were all under N.

I don’t know why I’m going so passionate and angry about this. If you’re making it a chore for people to find out this nights, they won’t see it. Can we have a central website? Is there such a thing? Should there be such a thing? Can there be such a thing?

Rant over. To quote Mr Cellophane, Hope I didn’t take up too much of your time.

(A quick Google has revived that there is an Odeon Event Cinema tab if you scroll down far enough!)

An incase you were wondering, after much googling, some theatre screenings maybe coming to a cinema near you:

The Merchant of Venice 14th June (Globe on Screen, possibly only Odeon)

Richard II 28th June (Globe on Screen, possibly only Odeon)

The Importance of Being Earnest 29th June (Encore, first screened 8th October 2015, Vaudeville Theatre)

Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet 7th July (The Garrick)

Richard III 20th July (Almeida Theatre, possibly only Odeon)

RSC Live: Cymbeline 28th September

RSC Live: King Lear 12th October

Branagh Theatre Live: The Entertainer 27th October (The Garrick)

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