Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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I had written this book off. I thought I knew how it was going to go and how it was going to end. Boy meets girl. They’re such opposites. It’ll never work. Until it does work. And they all lived happily ever after. If that’s what you want, watch a Nicholas Sparks film. This book had more depth that I expected. It is brave. The girl is one Louisa Clark; she’s not terribly outgoing, except when it comes to colours, and will take any job to support her family. Any job stops at Will Traynor, the boy. He is rude and obnoxious. But she can change him, can’t she?!

It does start out that way but my feelings for Lou and Will went from 0-80mph in 1.9 seconds. (Exactly the same acceleration speed of Stealth at Thorpe Park.) I connected with the characters but it did take time. They appear two dimensional to begin with. Lou is unambitious, unadventurous and can kind of be a bratty younger sister to Treena; she’s quite the opposite to Lou and has ‘real’ struggles. It goes without saying but Will is ambitious, adventurous and ruggedly handsome. Once the facts have been established, the true plot and drama of the book begin.

It’s not going to win any writing prizes. Jojo Moyes’ writing, for this novel at least, is basic. It’s a vehicle for her characters and plot which is what you as the reader really care about. It made me cry. There are moments of comic relief. Awkward British bumblings were known for and a, forgive me for this, a natural banter between Lou and Will. They have a rapport and a rhythm when they finally start communicating to each other. This book was written with a lot of love but it makes a statement and takes a stand. I respect it for that. I’m grateful for my friends for making me give it the chance it deserves. The film is alright.

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