Dead Sleep by Greg Iles

Dead Sleep by Greg Iles

dead sleep.jpg

Like her father before her, Jordan Glass is a photographer. A famous one, just like her father before her. She travels the world taking war photographs and captures the horror. When she given the chance to create a book of new work, she travels to Asia. Jordan sees it as a chance to get away from fear and death until she finds a portrait of a ‘sleeping’ woman in Hong Kong. She doubts the woman is asleep as it’s a portrait of her missing twin sister. The painting is part of a series called “The Sleeping Women.” Jordan turns to the FBI fearing her sister has fallen into the hands of a serial killer who paints his victims.

I’m currently binging on Criminal Minds so my lust for the FBI is rather intense. I have no problem with the FBI listening in on my phone calls. One, I’m innocent and have committed no crimes. Two, I avoid the phone at all costs so the last thing the FBI would have listened in on was me phoning Virgin why my telly wasn’t working. I turned it off and on again, it’s all good. Or is it the CIA that listen in? I’ll ask Snowden. Anyway, getting drastically away from the point. What I wanted to say was there is a stereotypical set of characters that can be found in all FBI centred works of fiction. The strong guy who’s seen shit, who’s marriage has broken down and does what must be done to catch the bad guy. There’s always one who’s too clever to be there but they need him because he’s the brain to the brawn. And there’s the young plucky woman who follows everything to the letter and wants to be taken seriously.

This makes for an interesting contrast as our narrator Jordan Glass is a well-developed character. She’s 3D in a 2D world, so that was disappointing. She is fiery and independent. Honestly. Not that fake independence where she thinks she’s happy until the right man comes along and she realised what she wanted all along wasn’t a career but a husband and two children. She takes charge during the investigation, she won’t wait at home for answers. This leads to trouble and near death experiences, obviously. The villain! And the crimes! And the murders! This is a thrilling whodunit that hits the nail on the head. It’s not going to set the world on fire or win the Man Booker but for something to read on the train to work, it’s fucking brilliant.

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