NOS4R2 by Joe Hill

NOS4R2 by Joe Hill


This big book is creepy as fuck. Unfortunately, not flawless. NOS4R2 is set in a world where some people have supernatural powers. For example, we have a librarian that can predict the present and the future with Scrabble tiles. But this story isn’t about her. With great power comes the two extremes: the good and the evil. Our protagonist Victoria McQueen is the good; she has the ability to find lost things by riding her Raleigh Tuff Burner bike over a bridge. Charles Talent Manx is the evil; he has created ‘Christmasland’ where it is Christmas every day. If you think that’s amazing, you are so very wrong. He lures children away from parents that ‘don’t deserve to be parents’ and the children are never seen from again. There’s nothing for terrifying than evil thinking they are good.

NOS4R2 is about two extremes of good and evil. Vic is persuaded by the Scrabble lady to save the children. Manx’s power is Christmasland is too great and she barely makes it out alive. She is saved from the side of the road by a biker and she attempts a happily ever after. It’s hard not to like Vic, she’s rebellious. She’s all the decisions you were too scared to make, she’s covered in tattoos and rides motorcycles. She’s not the perfect mother to her but her boyfriend is caring and patience. I loved the little dysfunctional family.

I like to think of that as book one in a saga which is what this books should have been. It feels like a trilogy squeezed into one book. All I’ve told so far was in the first couple of hundred pages. Both Vic and Manx’s are dissatisfied. Vic never thought of herself as the family type. Manx wants revenge. Vic wants Manx brought to justice. Manx thinks Vic doesn’t deserve her son and wants to take him to Christmasland. The third act of the book is a gun blazing revenge story.

It was too much for one book. The author has created an incredible world and a brilliant villain but towards the end I become reluctant to read it. I didn’t enjoy reading it, I just wanted to know how it finished because I had invested so much time in reading it. I hated myself for feeling like that. I would welcome a trilogy broken up with more stories of people with supernatural powers rather than a larger than life tale over 600 pages ending like a Michael Bay movie.

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