Desolation by Derek Landy

Desolation by Derek Landy


Welcome back to the scary underbelly of America where demons reign and nightmares live. Not all demons are scary though. Amber is scary looking when she’s in her demon form but she spends more time as a shy, awkward human we all identify with. Amber is still on the run from her parents who originally planned to eat her but now want to kill her out of spite because she got them in trouble with The Shining Demon. He’s kind of a big deal.

Thankfully, Amber is not alone. She is joined by the maybe once bad, now good guy Milo. His background is eerily and mysterious as is his car. Brought together due to life threatening circumstances, the two now share endless verbal battles and a desire to stay alive. This brings them to Desolation Hill, a typical small American town with a big secret. Amber and Milo aren’t the only ones that notice something is off. The Derek Landy version of Mystery Inc have joined the party as well as five demonic bikes affectionally named the Hounds of Hell.

As you can imagine, this is escapism at its best. The danger is real but so is the humour. You cannot flaw Landy’s dialogue. There are no awkward pauses to be found. Everyone that comes into contact with our daring duel are meet with the wit and pace to rival the Gilmore Girls. However, I have one small criticism. I’m also partially to blame for that. During action sequences, such as fights and flights, I can get a little muddled. I’m reading at such a speed desperate for more but there could be more clarity. It’s a terrifying and confusing situation for our characters and they may not know themselves, but I’d kind of want to know what the hell is going on. Maybe for the third, I just need to slow down.

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