The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock

The Last Pilot by Benjamin Johncock


I heard Benjamin Johncock talk so passionately I had to buy his book. Jim Harrison, great name, is a test pilot. He’s career is about risking his life for the development of flight. However, man wants to fly to the moon. Jim Harrison, great name, doesn’t see the need for a pilot. They want to move from monkey to man, they don’t need pilots but men with a death wish to sit on their hands and take the glory. That’s the historical aspect of the book, the angle Johncock was talking about that peaked my interest. Jim Harrison, great name, is a broken man.

It all starts out so promisingly. Jim and Grace are the perfect couple. Jim enjoys a drink or two at Pancho’s, great name, bar with his flying friends. As man shoots for the stars, Jim seems to sink deeper as his world falls apart. Despite the heart break, this book was a pleasant surprise. I had no expectations and it reached the stars themselves. Okay, bad puns over and I’ll talk about what I loved about the book.

For every squared jawed All American character, we have people of heart and one who’s down right bonkers. Pancho, great name, was my favourite character. She was eccentric but your best friend in a time of crisis. She’s the first to make fun of you but tell you if you’re being a dickhead. I adored her relationship with Jim. It was the stability Jim and we as the reader needed throughout the dramas and pressures that happen. For lack of a better word, it was a solid book. It had everything: history, drama, love, comedy, danger, action. It’s a flawless debut novel. Thank you Benjamin, pleasure to have meet and sorry it took me two years to finally pick up your book and read it.

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