One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis

One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis

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It’s that time again. Its domestic crime time. It’s friend versus friend. Secrets will be revealed and there’s danger at the end of every cul-de-sac. Yes, the fictional world where the nice old lady next door could be a cannibalistic mass murderer but that’s not the most thrilling thing to happen because it’s not happening to our uber relatable heroine. I read this book as it was sent to me as a proof to my office. They thought I would like it. They must have thought it was something different from the norm of that genre because my thoughts are quite plain. But this was special.

Vicky Seagrave is happily married to her university sweetheart who is dreamy, rides a motorcycle and has a good job in the city. They found out Vicky was pregnant while the relationship was quite new and they have been together ever since with two more children to make the perfect five. One more and you’d have to buy a people carrier. Her children are beautiful and polite. She tries hard to be the wonder woman people believe her to be. She can’t let anyone know the discomfort and lack of connect she feels with her son, the release of escaping into another man’s arms. All of that is slightly overshadowing by her leaving her son alone in the house only for a man to break in. The struggle leaves her son with a broken arm.

This is just the beginning. This is page 44. I say these things because you need to understand that Vicky does not have a grasp on anything. She’s spinning too many plates. After the break in, her friend Amber is her greatest ally. She sees to things. She is a source of comfort and answers. She lies. She knows the consequences of what happens if it gets out Vicky left her child unattended. The rest of the book is an essay in why Vicky should not have trusted Amber.

It’s dramatic sure, but it’s clever and well-constructed. It says a lot about the life behind the white picket fence. Rather than going to going out with a bang, it carefully wears away everyone’s exteriors to reveal that there’s no such thing as perfect. Even Amber, who seems calm and in control, has secrets and a past and wants the best things in life for herself. There is no good and evil, there is what they have and what you don’t. One women’s little mistake is another’s opportunity for control.

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