Truth or Dare by Non Pratt

Truth or Dare by Non Pratt

truth or dare

Never have I had to pick up a book and make sure I was reading it the right way around. One story and two sides. As this is teen fiction, these two people are two complete opposites. Our girl is shy and our guy is bold. Our girl has been the laughing stock of the school and our guy is popular. Claire Casey and Sef Malik team up to create the internet duo known as Truth Girl and Dare Boy. They’re not seeking YouTube stardom, its for a good cause. It’s to support Dare Boy’s brother’s care.

There’s a lot of comedy to come from opposites being in such a tight space; their studio is a sheet up in a caravan. There’s a lot of drama to come such high stakes. There’s a lot of heart to come from finding the real person. I was so engrossed with these two characters because I cared so much but that’s the nature of the game. Truth and dare. Their dares made them fun. The truth made them human and unfortunately, that was lacking. The details of the video were said in passing. The drive is the fundraising but the channel made it an entertaining read. That’s really the only criticism I have, and is it a criticism? To want more? A book full of the thrill of running away from pranks and the dangers of running away from your problems.

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