Writing Wednesday: Freedom

Writing Wednesday: Freedom

I can’t believe it was four years ago this came second in a competition (I was robbed).


Setting: Border of an unknown country.


Franzen walks up to a gate.


Franzen: Shit.

Jonathan: Did you think you could just walk out?

Franzen: Maybe. I don’t know what I was expecting. Is there only one of you?

Jonathan: Just me and my gun. Think you can take us both on?

Franzen: What sort of rifle is it?

Jonathan: Dunno. Just found it. They don’t issue things like this anymore.  Rare. Magnificent. Don’t see many people on their own.

Franzen: I came ahead.

Jonathan: Family coming later?

Franzen: Something like that.

Jonathan: Wife?

Franzen: Yes.

Jonathan: Mother-in-law?

Franzen: No

Jonathan: Lucky.

Franzen: Five children.

Jonathan: Never heard of a condom?

Franzen: We want them.

Jonathan: Must be doing alright if you can afford five. Children are a drain. Preventable mistakes.

Franzen: May I?

Jonathan: Techically: no.

Franzen: Technically?

Jonathan: Techincally: no.

Franzen: How about hypothetically?

Jonathan: Hypothetically? Anything’s possible.

Franzen: So may I?

Jonathan: However, logically: no.

Franzen: By who?

Jonathan: By me. State say no. Head says no. I say no. Mr. Dollar says different.

Franzen: Excuse me?

Jonathan: You want to leave.

Franzen: No one can live like this.

Jonathan: My thoughts exactly.

Franzen: How much?

Jonathan: How much you got?

Franzen: Not a lot.

Jonathan: Can afford five children. Lying filth.

Franzen: I can give you half a mill.

Jonathan: That’ll see me to the end of the week.

Franzen: I have a family.

Jonathan: And I have a gun. People are dying everywhere. You’ll more nothing more than a black stain. Not much use to your family then.

Franzen: One mill.

Jonathan: Five.

Franzen: Three.

Jonathan: Done. You can go through.

Franzen: And my family?

Jonathan: Not part of our bargain. You’ve just paid for your freedom. No one else’s.

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