Gods and Conquerors

Gods and Conquerors

I like space. Every time I read a new science fiction book with rockets and aliens I fall deeper in love. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Loved it. The Book of Strange New Things: fascinating. Space Jam: Classic. Okay, that last one isn’t a book but it’s the standard I hold most things too. For me science fiction is a way of exploring modern day politics in the ‘safer’ setting of a fictional out of space world. The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: diversity. The Book of Strange New Things: colonisation. Space Jam: don’t mess with Earth. One thing’s for certain, space is dangerous.

Gods and Conquers is set on another world. A small crew seize the one way ticket off of planet Earth and head into the unknown. Why? Because it’s there. Why are they leaving Earth? All will be explained. When the team lead by James Verne awake from their ship they are met with desert. They pilgrim into a town to find it empty and abandoned. There are hints of the life that once inhabited the tower blocks. There are also sinister hint that they know about humans begging the question; who conquered who first?

This is Aaron Kane Heinemann’s first novel and it’s unlike anything I’ve read before. The author knows every detail of his character’s lives and personality. Each of them have their own secrets and struggles. They must face their mortality as their own chance of returning home is left smouldering behind them. Like many science fiction greats that has come before, this book is not afraid to ask big questions and deep themes. Heinemann just does it in his own special way; using impossible metaphors and using smilies that would put the classics to shame. An epic story and a telling that is out of this world.    

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